welcome to ginger + co studio.

Since I can remember I have had an interest in interior design + styling and it only became more apparent as my husband and I started designing and later on building our home in 2013.

Since moving in to our home I have created individual spaces for our children based on their favourite colours, interests and their individual personalities. Our open plan family living area is slowly coming together as a family friendly and functional space for our family of five.

Not long after we moved into our home I discovered instagram.

It didn’t take me long to realise Instagram was not only a platform to share photographs but the creative community that exist there was a.mazing and inspiring. I entered an instagram search for a brand representative for Melbourne-based interior decor business Arlo+Co in 2013 and was luckily enough to have been chosen. Since then, I have been representing other small business by displaying and sharing photographs on instagram of their products throughout our home.

I love to support independent businesses and after recently being approached to photograph products for some businesses both here and across the seas in New Zealand I decided it was time to start a new venture – ginger + co studio.

With our children all now in full-time schooling I love that ginger + co studio allows me an outlet to be creative with my photography whilst promoting small business and independent design by offering affordable photography. My plan for the future is to study Interior Decorating + Styling but for now Im enjoying the creativity that comes with styling and photographing beautiful decor + prints.

If you are interested in some affordable product styling to share across your social media platforms – please get in touch either via the contact tab above or you can find me on instagram at ginger + co studio. .

– samone.


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